My name is Miguel Costa, I was born in 1993 in Elvas, Portugal. 

Soon I discovered my life’s greatest passion, photography. I had my first analogic camera at the age of seven, however during the following years I was slightly apart from photography.

Later, at the age of 14, I returned with the digital era, a fresh new start with a much more mature and solid perspective towards my future work.

As a young photographer I’m always rediscovering my trail, sustaining time once and again through my glance’s different perspectives. Here – in my portfolio – you will find most of my later work in a multifaceted compendium of pictures.

Photography is a strong way of communication.

My goal is to give voice to those who cannot speak in a changeable planet.

I’m taking a degree in Biology at the Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa.

Combining my knowledge in Biology with my photographic skills, I hope to find a way of portraying our world’s environmental issues as well as the endangered species.



I’ve won some local awards for my work,

including “Elvas Monumental”, “Elvas Património Histórico”, later, I won some national young awards such as “Lagos é Natural” (editions IV and V) and best picture of the Workshop – Iniciação à Fotografia da Vida Selvagem 2012 in Lisbon’s Zoo.

I had the opportunity to participate in some collective expositions,

some of them are described in News section, in the museum MACE, in João Carpinteiro Museu de Fotografia, in Escola Superior Agrária de Elvas, Casa da Cultura de Elvas, S.I.R (Sociedade de Instrução e Recreio) and even in Elvas’s Intermaché.

As a professional photographer,

I’m representing some brands like ChicoraçãoSquare ClothingUBB and WoolDog. I also took some pictures for Fertiprado (used in their 2010/2011 catalog) for Arte Viral and others. You can see some of these pictures in every gallery whose topic is “Comissioned”.

logo_CHIcoração2   8668_661111107247603_2083173307_n copyCaptura de Tela 2014-10-06 às 18.41.46Captura de Tela 2014-10-06 às 18.23.09 Captura de Tela 2014-10-06 às 18.40.00


like “O Mundo da Fotografia Digital” and “Zoom – Fotografia Prática” and in blogs in the context of monuments and butterflies.

Logotipo_OMDFDLOGO_Zoom_FotografiaPratica copy

Now, you know my story – it’s time to explore my portfolio, I hope you enjoy it!

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